Reflecting Your World......Interiors for Healthy Conscious LivingHealthy, Inviting Space...Define it, Create it, Live it...

 Sarah Stone Designs…Reflecting Your World…Interiors for Healthy Conscious Living

Sarah Stone Designs is dedicated to serving their clients and believe the true purpose of interior design is to create spaces that support our client’s well being and various activities, in home, office, health care facility, or retirement community. Together we will consciously create a healthy, inviting space which you will enjoy for years to come.

We believe it is our responsibility to listen well and guide the creative process procuring a well balanced, well planned space.  We will utilize all of our education, knowledge, collective experience, as well as environmentally sound, and technologically advanced products. It is our intent to assist you, in creating a reflection of YOUR world. A space where you are surrounded by that which inspires you and feeds your imagination. It is through our collaboration that we will design YOUR place…an esthetically pleasing, transporting, supportive, regenerative, healthy, toxic free, space…so you may live, participate, create, produce and “be” according to YOUR world.

Our ASID  affiliated design team of highly trained, educated, experienced and award winning professionals are here to serve you through the world of design!